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Suspect in Lockwood Home Invasion Appears in Court

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The suspect in the Lockwood home invasion case makes a court appearance.

Lester McFerran, 36, is charged with burglary and attempted kidnapping. McFerran was arrested after the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office released a composite sketch.

Court documents indicate the victim's parent left around 5 AM for work. Shortly after, the 13-year-old daughter woke up to a man, who had a pair of handcuffs, sitting on her bed, and told her not to move. When the man grabbed her wrist, she began kicking and said she kicked him at least once in the shoulder. He ran from the bedroom. She then grabbed her phone and pocketknife and yelled for him to get out of the house. She saw the front door was open, so she closed and locked it.

The victim told detectives she recognized the man as someone who had been at their front door the previous morning. She also gave them a description of the man. Investigators say the daughter identified McFerran in a line-up.

Court documents McFerran began crying at the Sheriff's Office and told Sergeant Cunningham that he wanted to kill himself. He continued to cry and say he was an embarrassment. Investigators spoke with McFerran's parents, who confirmed McFerran kept several pairs of handcuffs in his car. The judge set his bond at $200,000.