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It's an Early Easter Egg Hunt in Vaughn

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Kids in Vaughn got an early start on the Easter egg hunting during the annual Spring Crawl event. Big boy motor sports park held an early Easter egg hunt for the kids. Easter Sunday is in actually going to come late this year on April 20th. Big Boy Motor Sports Park felt with as late as Easter will be this year they wanted to give kids a jump start on their egg hunting.

"Easter egg hunt is early just as a pre-run it's a practice run, kids never get to have time to practice hunting those eggs. So their going to get some practice and it's going to be a lot of fun. We're having the Spring Crawl now and we wanted to have something for the kids to do too," says Tony Toth.

Also going on at the Sports Park was their annual Spring Crawl, an event where folks run time trials over an obstacle course with their crawler vehicles. The next up coming event for the Big Boy Motor Sports Park is their ever popular Red Neck Run.