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Purple 5K Run: A Success

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Several runners hit the ground hard during the annual Purple Five Kilometer Run.

From start to finish, almost every season was represented, but runners say the spring showers did not dampen their spirits. "I was sweating even though it's raining. So much running too just makes me sweat," runner, Shelby Grant said.

Grant said Sunday's Purple 5-K run was a great time to get some exercise while enjoying the spring weather with her aunt. She said it was all for a great cause. "I really love running, because it's good exercise for me. I like to eat healthy too. So, I like to run a lot. Sometimes I eat more than I should so I run it off. I ride my bike a lot. So, I decided to take my aunt with me. So, we just decided to run," Shelby said.

The 5-K run is designed to empower the community to actively fight against homelessness. Runner, Grant Bach, said he's happy to help. "It feels so good when you just get out and do something with the community. That's what got me out. You kind of get addicted to it. There are 12-13 5K's throughout the year to get involved in," Bach said.

Bach said it's great to see the community support such a great cause, while improving themselves. "It's good exercise. It's good to get in shape, and not a round shape," Bach said.

At last count, the Spare Change for Real Change Program granted nearly $32,000 to local organizations that work to alleviate homelessness. And, according to organizers, Sunday's run showed a record year.

Organizers said Sunday's run marks five years of the event taking place.