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Students From University of Missouri Volunteer in Billings

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Students from the University of Missouri are headed home after spending a week volunteering in Billings. They spent much of their time in the magic city volunteering at head start. The group's leader, Sophia Mullineaux, says they spend their breaks from school going to places where poverty and homelessness is an issue. They say they chose Billings because of the percentage of the population that's at or below the poverty level. Sophia says, "Our whole mission is that we don't want to be helping we want to be serving alongside. There isn't anything that we're doing that makes us better than the people that we came to serve."

Head Start says working with volunteers helps the organization with requirements it needs to receive federal funding. Head Start must raise 20% of the federal grant it receives. Volunteer Coordinator Tera Debolt says, "One of the ways we do that is through volunteers, for every hour that they're with us volunteering, a dollar amount is given toward in kind and that we can use toward that $769,000 we have to raise." The group volunteered about 500 hours while in Billings.