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Veteran Continues Room Renovation at MRM

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He's a disabled retired veteran who has a passion for helping others. Last month, KULR-8 brought you the story of Tim Shaw.

He's working with the Montana Rescue Mission to renovate a room at the women's and family shelter for a family in need.

So far, he has installed the sub floors, a new shower, and he painted Wednesday.

The project is very important to Shaw. He wants to let people know others care.

"These are human beings that are living here. They are just down on their luck. They are having some tough times, they shouldn't be treated like they're in a cell. Let's give these guys something to come into and be proud of when they walk in here. And give them that pride, so when they are able to move on into their own places that they can aspire have to something just as nice, and keep it as nice as they go along with their life," said Shaw.

Shaw says his parents financed the renovation. He also gives a lot of credit to the MRM staff for their help, and he hopes to have it done by April 15th.