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Billings Steps Up to Help on Diabetes Alert Day

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It was Diabetes Alert Day on Tuesday, and Billings residents raised nearly $1,200 to help locals who are living with diabetes.

Roger Walker has had diabetes for more than twenty years and has developed severe neuropathy.

He donated a colorful quilt for a raffle and he says it will make people happy.

Jan Hollingworth, a certified diabetes educator at Billings Clinic, said Walker's quilt represents what it's like to deal with the condition.

Walker and Hollingworth know it can be tough and they want to help others.

"It's gonna help people here in Billings. That's what I wanna do, is people where I live and stuff that, you know it can help more than one person in the area that I deal with," said Walker.

"Living with diabetes affects every cell in the body. There are so many decisions for somebody lives with diabetes. They not only have diabetes and high blood sugar, but many of them have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, they may be on ten to twelve different medications. It really takes a diabetes team to help someone live well with diabetes," said Hollingworth.

Walker's advice for diabetics? Take responsibility and don't expect someone else to do the work for you.