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KULR-8 News Takes First Elephant Racing Trophy!

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We are KULR-8 News -- the elephant racing champ of Billings.

That's right, well, at least our own Katharine MacKnight can claim that title.

On Tuesday evening, Katharine single handedly steered Bunny the Elephant across the finish line way before the competitor.

Actually, we're told Bunny, who is 45-years-old in human years, reached the table of fruits and veggies first.

The race is a new event and took place on the first night of the Al Bedoo Shrine Circus.

We are so proud of Katharine and so happy to have the circus in town.

Katharine and her elephant trained for hours, well, not really.

We heard Katharine might be considering a career as a professional elephant racer to add to her resume.