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Guilty Bride Wants to Withdraw Plea

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A new twist in the case of the Kalispell bride who admitted to pushing her new husband off a cliff in Glacier National Park.

On Thursday, Jordan Graham is set to be sentenced.

Now, Graham wants to withdraw her guilty plea.

The lead defense attorney filed documents saying prosecutors' suggestion of a life sentence for Graham has "contaminated the entire sentencing process."

U.S. District Attorneys Zeno Baucus and Kris McLean filed their request last week for life in prison or at least 50 years for Graham.

The defense attorney says that sentence is for a first-degree murder offender.

Graham coped a plea with prosecutors back on December 12th during her trial.

As part of the deal, Graham pled guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for prosecutors dropping the charges of first-degree murder and making a false statement, both felonies.

Graham's defense attorney says prosecutors used the sentencing request as an opportunity to make the case for first-degree murder once again.

Prosecutors and Judge Donald Molloy have not yet responded to the motion.

As of now, Graham's sentencing is still set for this Thursday at 9 am.