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Bears Destroy Mock Campsite for Safety Demonstration

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As spring approaches, it's important to be bear aware. ZooMontana's Bruno and Ozzy demonstrated what grizzly bears could do to a camp site if you're not being safe.

ZooMontana and Cabela's partnered up for the demonstration, setting up a mock camp site in the grizzly bears' exhibit. Cabela's supplied bear proof products, like a bear keg and cooler. Zookeepers put the bears' favorite foods in the coolers. The bears quickly got to the trash can, tent, and bear keg, but they couldn't get into the bear proof cooler. Zookeepers say, when out camping, follow campsite safety rules.

<"What I would suggest doing to keep yourself safe is having your campsite spread out a little bit. store your food at least 100 yards from where you're cooking and then another 100 yards from where you're sleeping," said Krystal Whetham, ZooMontana zookeeper.

The two organizations hope people will understand how powerful these bears can be. Cabela's will showcase the bear cooler Ozzy and Bruno played with at the store.