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Hells Angels Coming Back

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Hells Angels are coming back to Cody next summer. The infamous biker club held its World Run in the northwest Wyoming town in 2006. They apparently liked it enough to return.

They came from all over the world, and made Cody their temporary home late July, 2006. Hells Angels World Run brought more than a thousand members to town. Local, state, and federal police were waiting for them.

Cody Police Chief, Perry Rockvam said, "The overall objective was to have a safe community, and really a non event, and it ended up being just that."

Rockvam said he knew there was a possibility of violence between the Angels and a rival club. It happened, days later, down the road. There was a shootout in South Dakota.

Rockvam said, "And we were lucky and very fortunate that it did not happen here, and it did happen in the Black Hills.

Perry said the club does have members with criminal histories, but he pledged then and now not to harass anyone unless they were breaking the law, even the Hells Angels.

The bikers gathered at the Silver Dollar Bar in downtown Cody. Rockvam said the organization is already contacting businesses here to prepare for next summer's run. The owner of the Silver Dollar Bar says she's ready to have the bikers back.

Gail Nace said, "It was an awesome experience. Good time had by all. They were friendly, appreciative, they loved the town of Cody. They loved the hospitality they received from everybody up and down main street."

Nace said rumors that the club took over her bar were not true.

She explained, "I had Hells Angels sitting next to families out on the patio enjoying their hamburgers."

Rockvam hopes the 2014 run will be as peaceful as the 2006 world run. He's investigating the organization, and asking for help from the state now. Rockvam said the biker club may bring between 500 and 700 members to Cody in late July and early August.