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Fish & Wildlife Battle Illegally Introduced Fish

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Fish, Wildlife, and Parks held a meeting Tuesday night to discuss possible plans on how to deal with the illegal introduction of invasive fish into public waters.

FWP's Bob Gibson says the meeting was held to establish a process.

Gibson says there have been nearly 600 instances of illegal fish being introduced in hundreds of waterways.

Gibson says a main focus is to keep people from dumping fish into certain waters that will compete with fish they are already managing.

"Illegal introduction of fish into public waters is an environmental threat, and is a threat, it's an economic threat in some instances, and it's a threat to the management of the native fish, or the authorized fish in the waters of Montana," says Gibson.

FWP says management actions to remove unauthorized fish may include net fishing, electro-fishing, and even the use of chemicals that can kill the fish.

FWP says this would also include changes to fishing regulations, fishing contests, and use of commercial fishing.