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Roundup Working on Roads

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Roundup gets a break Tuesday. Musselshell County's Disaster and Emergency Services says the Musselshell River lost about two feet in elevation, but it's still higher than the flood stage.

DES says several homes are still evacuated and the lower part of town is on pre-evacuation notice. Karen Lekse lives along the Musselshell River.

"This time we were a little more prepared," Lekse said. "We saw it rising rapidly. We got people down here to help us empty out the lower level of our home."

She says the water levels Monday reminded her of the 2011 floods, which flooded the lower level of her home. "It's been a roller coaster."

DES says the Musselshell River reached its second highest level ever. Even though there was some relief Tuesday, county leaders want people to remain vigilant.

"We're nowhere near out of the woods because we've got a possibility of a lot more moisture as it warms up a little more after this kind of two day lull," said Jeff Gates, DES director of Musselshell County. "And there's a lot of snow that came in over near Harlow and that area and it all comes down the river."

Crews worked to improve number four road and volunteers helped fill and place sandbags for crews to use. They say it's the neighborly thing to do.

"I want to say we're a real close knit town, really," said Scott Christie, a Roundup resident. "You know, and everybody needs the help. And everybody, I would say between yesterday and today, people, a lot of people in the community have come out to help."

Although it's frustrating for residents in the flood plain, those who were evacuated say they are thankful for the community.

"It's just been phenomenal, the outreach of people that says hey we're here if you need us," Lekse said.

St. Benedict's Catholic Church is also offering dinner Tuesday night for anyone affected by the flood.