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Flooding and Getting Prepared

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Areas around Blue Creek and Pryor Creek are reporting flooding. Although it's not flooding in Roundup yet, residents are getting prepared.

Roundup is no stranger to floods. Two years ago, the town experienced heavy flooding from the Musselshell River, leaving half the town covered in water. With all the snow melting from above freezing temperatures, Musselshell County leaders are monitoring the river and burned out areas.

"Getting awareness out to people to people that we might have possible ice jams, things coming down the river depending on the snow pack and the rain we get," said Jeff Gates, director of Disaster and Emergency Services in Musselshell County. "The best we can do to prepare for it is to get the information out so people are ready for it if it does happen."

Roundup's flood plain is west of the river bridge and south of the hill. The National Weather Service says there aren't any significant concerns right now.

"With the cold winter that we had, we have some deep cold levels in the soil so the ground is frozen and so it acts almost like concrete in most locations where all that water and we're talking maybe 1-2 inches, upwards of 2 inches of water in that snow as it continues to melt out," said Tom Frieders, Billings NWS warning coordination meteorologist.

County leaders say they are better prepared, and the best tip is to keep an eye out for weather forecasts and pay attention to notices.

"If think we learned a good lesson and are prepared to deal with whatever happens," said Larry Lekse, Musselshell County's chair of board of commissioners. "Hopefully it won't."

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