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Dealing With Snow

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People are trying their best to stay in and stay warm, even if they need to gas up the car, get groceries or run other errands. While many people are getting tired of the snow. they say it's all a part of living in Montana.

"It's frustrating but I don't mind," said Michael Luhr. "It's Montana."

"It really sucks because everything just kind of packs on top of each other and then it tries to melt. And then it freezes and then it's really hard to get it all off," said Kody Brown.

Employees at local businesses are going outside every hour to keep up with the amount of snow that's falling.

"We work 24/7, 365 days a year," said Stacy Lind, Hampton Inn and Suites general manager. "So not necessarily going out buying more equipment but using our personnel more often and getting more of them to be here to shovel and try and keep these walkways clean. It's a constant battle."

For car dealerships, like Underriner Honda, shoveling snow off of sidewalks and cars takes hours.

"It seems like everyday we're plowing and we have to move 200-300 cars and then put them back. and the snow piles are getting very, very big," said Bill Underriner, president and CEO of Underriner Motors.

But dealership employees say it's just a part of Mother Nature we have to deal with.

"We'd rather it be in the mountains but you know it's Montana and even though it hasn't snowed like this in many, many years it's still something that we should expect in Montana," Underriner said.

Be sure you dress warmly and drive carefully out there.