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Bus Passengers Stranded

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Several bus passengers are back on the road after being stranded in Billings.

According to a Jefferson Line spokesman, trips across western Montana were delayed on Sunday because of the heavy snowfall. After being held up in Billings for two days, passengers said they're looking forward to getting to their destination and away from the downtown Billings bus station. "I thought human compassion is something we all lived and bided by. But, it's obvious that's not the situation here. It's not the most hospitable place I've ever been," bus passenger, Christopher Acres said.

"If you have a business, and you have customers, and they pay your bills and buy your tickets you should accommodate them. Because that's what you're in business for," Belinda Sieloss said.

According to a Jefferson Bus Line spokesperson, several passengers were able to leave Billings at 1:00 PM on Tuesday. They said the remaining passengers will be able to leave the Magic City at 1:00 AM on Wednesday.