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CPR Saturday Gives Free Classes

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What would you do if a friend or loved one suddenly passed out? Hundreds attended CPR Saturday to learn techniques and improve their skills.

CPR Saturday trainers teach people the new and appropriate CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants.

"They used to teach a lot on the breathing and stuff and now it's more of keeping the heart going," said Steve Cleasby, a participant. "And it's a lot more simplified than it was when I learned it in high school."

Cleasby has had his own experience with cardiac arrest.

"I've had a heart attack before and didn't need CPR, thank God, but if I did I'd have my kids around me most of the time and they'd be able to help me out," he said.

He brought his sons to the event to learn so they can also help others.

"Kind of to refresh my memory. You kind of forget over the year," said Korbyn Cleasby, his son. "I like to take it more than once to learn more and when I get older, I want to take the more advanced classes."

Doctors say patients who pass out from cardiac arrest have a higher chance of surviving if they get CPR immediately.

"Especially in Montana, the long distances between hospitals, long response times in rural areas for some folks," said Jason Mahoney, CPR Saturday co-chair. "We really want to have as many folks out there capable of buying time for a patient in cardiac arrest as possible. So the more people that know CPR, the better we feel."

If you missed CPR Saturday at MetraPark, organizers say you can enroll in CPR training throughout the year at both Billings hospitals and other health organizations.