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Think Billings

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Big Sky Economic Development has launched a new initiative asking people to "Think Billings".

What makes you think Billings?

That is the question the group is asking you.

In order to make our community more appealing to new business, Big Sky Economic Development is asking you to help showcase our city by sharing with them, why you love Billings.

It could be a photo of your welcoming neighborhood, or a beautiful sunset.

Share a photo with "Think Billings" on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and include, #thinkbillings.

"We want to cut through the clutter. We want to be able to tell them, here are actual, genuine statements of why people really love Billings. It might be a business argument, it might be a quality of life argument, but it's not the, because we told you so argument. It's because the people are telling you so."

If you'd like to learn more about the "Think Billings" initiative, click on Connections.