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Common Core Meeting

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School District Two teachers Thursday night take the opportunity to explain Common Core and why they support it.

Parents also were on hand to ask questions and voice their concerns.

Kim Anthony, the Executive Director Of Curriculum Instruction for Billings Public Schools, says Common Core is good for students, because it helps them learn and then apply that understanding to real-life situations.

"The vigor of the standards, the higher expectations, the kids are really rising to that occasion. They're able to think critically, it's more real world, teachers have more time to go into depth. We're really seeing a positive effect for our students," said Kim Anthony, Billings Public Schools.

Parent Jennifer Owen says she believes the method creates one-way thinking, slows down creativity, and is turning our country away from the principles on which it was founded.

"I'm concerned that Common Core is actually going right at that American innovation and creativity and trying to standardize children to the point that, well, we may look more like a foreign country's education system. We've lost what is uniquely America," said Owen.

Just in case you missed Thursday night's meeting on Common Core another one will be held at a later date we'll keep you informed.