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Local Artists React to Mobile Shop

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Members of a Tattoo artist team are literally driving their talent throughout the Magic City. Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery owners said their mobile workshop is a big hit. But, other artists are concerned about the new business on wheels. "I won't do anything else for the rest of my life but tattoo, until my hands and my eyes don't work," Legendary Tattoo Co-Owner, Jason Radke said.

Several years ago, Jason Radke, his family, and business partner, Cameron Scott, moved to Billings from Michigan to escape the problems of city life. After setting up their new mobile shop a few months ago, the team has received quite the response from other tattoo artists. "It's competitive, and certain people don't like that, and they like it to go easy for them. So, they're making it tough, and we're making it tough. It's an experience for sure," Legendary Co-Owner, Cameron Scott said.

New, innovative and different is what you would expect from any tattoo artist, and when you see the outside of the mobile tattoo workshop, that's exactly what you get. But, when you step inside, it's like any other shop. "The sketchy part is it the outside. It looks like an army bus with shark teeth on it. Everybody is like, 'What the heck is that thing?'. Then they go inside, and it's a different story," Radke said.

Black Sparrow Tattoo Artist, Damon Burns, said he's concerned the mobile shop doesn't follow industry standards. "There's a lot of tradition and respect that comes with tattooing, and I don't think they're necessarily following all of them. They are taking a little step I guess, but for them to be tattooing out of that just seems a little off, you know," Burns said.

Bodyworks owner and artist, Christopher Hamilton, had a mobile setup some time ago, and said Legendary Tattoo Studio artists should have a permanent setup, instead of just the bus. "The whole idea of a mobile unit is to be a secondary off of a brick and mortar business. So a person can go outside and do other events," Hamilton said.

Both Cameron Scott and Jason Radke said plans are in the works to set up a permanent location within the next few months, hopefully on Grand Avenue. If and when that happens, the bus will sit outside of the new business and will only be used on special occasions.

According to Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery owners, they follow the county's strict regulations every time they set up shop. Owners said they are allowed to set up anywhere in Yellowstone County that has access to a bathroom, and they will be working out of the Beartooth Harley Davidson store a few days a week in the summer.