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REAL ID Act Repeal

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The fight over Montana ID's continues. KULR-8's Emily Nantz tells us what steps our attorney general and a congressman are taking against the REAL ID Act.

"Washington D.C. Needs to listen to the people of Montana," says Rep. Steve Daines.

Representative Steve Daines at the state capitol in Helena says he plans to introduce legislation to repeal part of the 2005 REAL ID Act that was sparked by 9/11.

The law sets national standards for identification and says that all states must follow the standards by 2016.

"These new regulations are entirely unnecessary. In fact, Montana's drivers licenses, which were redesigned just a few years ago, are secure," says Rep. Steve Daines.

Right now, Montana driver's licenses would not be accepted at TSA checkpoints.

Daines calls the current law a federal intrusion and violation of privacy, and he says information from Montanans doesn't need to be in a national data base.

"One of the biggest concerns Montanans have about federal REAL ID is the security of their personal information. I want every person in Montana to know that we at the Montana Department of Justice take that concern just as seriously as we do the integrity of our drivers license," said Attorney General Tim Fox.

After the 2007 unanimous vote in the Montana legislature banning compliance with REAL ID, Daines says it's clear Montanans don't want it, and his bill is going to work to stop it.

Governor Steve Bullock and Senator John Walsh also sent statements speaking out against the REAL ID Act.