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Audit of Auditor's Office

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The state's Auditors Office has finished an internal audit after a former employee was charged with fraud.

51-year old Christa McClure was the director of Housing Montana in Billings, and she faces eight counts of fraud and theft. Prosecutors say she embezzled federal grant money and took money from homeowners in the program for a two-year period.

Adam Schafer, with the Auditor's Office, says McClure was hired in October 2010 and she left in April 2013 when a grant ended. Schafer says a third party will be in the state in March to review records. He says, "We're pretty confident we are not going to find much, we do have a lot of pretty good cost controls in place for how the grant funds are expended. We don't expect to find something, if we do, we'll take appropriate action."