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Do it for Dustin Campaign Rally

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Lockwood community members gathered for a final rally before ballots are mailed out to talk about creating a Pedestrian Safety District.

Last January, 16-year-old Dustin Freese passed away after being hit by a car while walking on Becraft lane. His mother, Stefeni, spoke about the need for sidewalks and bike lanes as the population in Lockwood grows.

"Make it a safe place," she said. "We don't want to lose anymore lives if we can help it. Too much potential is lost in our society when we lose young lives like that."

Ballots will be sent out on February 6. Voters have until 8 pm Tuesday, February 25th to return ballots to the Yellowstone County election's office located in the courthouse. If a mill levy passes, organizers say it would cost the owner of a 200-thousand dollar home nearly $26 a year.