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Olympics 101: Curling, Part 3

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As we count down the days to the Winter Olympics, we've been teaming up with local athletes for insight into some of the sports. We teamed up with the Billings Curling Club to share a better understanding of curling.

In curling, weight refers to how fast, or hard, a stone is thrown. Heavy weight means a thrower is throwing the stone hard. There's often another term attached to weight, describing the type of throw.

There are three main types of throws in the game: guards, draws, and takeouts. "A guard is something that's going to be set up in front of the house, which is the circles. They're there to kind of create a guard against your opponent's stones getting into there," explains curler Chris Belback. "Sometimes you'll use it to kind of guard your stones that are in play, so that they can't be easily taken out. Sometimes you use it to just kind of create an obstacle for someone else to have to try to get around.

A draw is a throw that lands in the house without taking out another stone. The goal is usually to score a point. "A lot of times, you try to draw it in to the button, which is the very center."

"A takeout is just that," says Belback. "There's different levels of weight for takeout shots, depending on if you want your stone to stay in play or roll behind a guard."