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Sheriff: Media Attention Could Help Headless Body Case

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The discovery of a headless body in northwest Wyoming is getting national attention now. The Park County Sheriff's Office feels that may help solve the case. KULR-8's Penny Preston has the story from Cody.

Badger Basin in northwest Wyoming is a huge, seemingly empty landscape. The headless body that was found in a creek drainage here in early January is still not identified.

The case got plenty of regional media attention when Park County Sheriff Scott Steward asked the public to help identify the victim, who was also missing an arm.

"180 pounds to 200 pounds. Appears to be native American or Hispanic descent. Was wearing blue jeans, a very distinctive brown leather belt with white stitching on it. It had a belt buckle that was very descriptive in that it had an inlaid horses head. Sort of an ivory horse's head," says Scott Steward.

The initial autopsy report clarified that the victim was less than 35 years old, Hispanic, and that the belt design reflected Mexican, or Guatemalan craftsmanship.

"The Law Enforcement Center in Cody is about forty miles from the crime scene. A Park County Sheriff's spokesman says they've been getting calls recently from the national media.

"We finally got back the report from the forensic pathologist in Billings. And he has ruled that the cause of death was from multiple gunshot wounds," says Lance Mathess, Park County Sheriff's Public Information Officer.

Lance Mathess says the decapitation and detached arm happened after the victim died.

Mathess says authorities are releasing the new information to get more help from the public.

"The more information we can get out to the public, the greater our chances of solving this crime, and ultimately identifying the victim."

Mathess says investigators have received many tips, including one from California. He's thinks the national media attention may help generate more information.

"The broader the audience, the more chances we'll get valuable information that will assist us in the investigation. I think that national exposure can only help us at this point."

The sheriff's office is already working with the state investigators, the FBI, border patrol, and Interpol.

If you think you may have information that can help in the murder investigation, call the Park County Sheriff's Office at (307) 527-8700.