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Olympics 101: Figure Skating, Part 1

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The Winter Olympics are just around the corner, and we'll be showing them on the NBC family of networks. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be sharing some key terms and nuances with the help of local athletes to help you cheer on Team USA. The Figure Skating Club of Billings teamed up with us to explain some skating moves.

The cantilever was the signature move of Werner Groebli. The Swiss skater and comedian was half of a duo who performed under the name "Frick and Frack" for many years, appearing in a pair of movies during the 1940's. "What you're doing is a spread eagle, which is where you have your feet parallel on an outside edge," says skater Zac Hagen. "You're basically leaning your whole body, using your momentum to counter practically all of your body, from your knees up to your head."

The layback is a type of spin. "You want to have your free leg out, and it's below your head, and you have to push your hips forward and your head is back. The more curved you are, and the more laid back you are, the better," says coach Lisa Marie Grasso-Hartly. She says a skater can get extra points for increasing speed during the spin.

A "death drop" is a move that begins with a jump that bring the skater's body parallel to the ice. "You jump and swing your legs like you're going over a fence," Hagen says. "Then the minute you land, you're snapping your leg free, and then you go into a sit position for a back sit, is what it's called, and then you just do a sit spin from there."