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New Dirt Arena Possible at MetraPark

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Yellowstone County Commissioners are considering a plan to build a new, dirt-floor arena at MetraPark. The new building could host livestock and equestrian events, including team roping, horse shows and 4-H projects.

A proposal for a 120 by 300 foot arena with "all the bells and whistles" would cost around 2.6 million dollars, according to Commissioner John Ostlund. He says a similar, 150 by 300 foot arena would run around 3.1 million. Ostlund noted that the arena could be built for a lower cost, with some of the amenities and upgrades added later. He said commissioners would look at budget numbers in the coming weeks. If the project is approved, it would likely be funded by a combination of reserve funds and a loan that would be repaid through rental and user fees.

The building could draw new events, and save the county money on some existing events. "It will allow another dirt building on the back side that would hopefully help eliminate a lot of the times that we put dirt in the Expo Center or the Pavilion. As you know, the cleaning costs on that are significant, and so we'd like to have just a standalone dirt building that might relieve some of that," Ostlund said.