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Walgreens Burglary Suspect Faces Federal Charges

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The man suspected of stealing prescription pills from Walgreens is facing federal charges.

Travis Bell, 22, faces charges of burglary involving controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute.

Last week, Billings Police responded to a burglary and arrested bell when he came out of the Walgreens, with his pockets full of prescription pills from the store. Police say Bell was holding a hammer and screwdriver. After getting consent from bell to search his vehicle, officers found a plastic bag with other drugs taken from the Walgreens.

In an interview, Bell told Drug Enforcement Agency officers he was doing donuts in the parking lot, when he lost control of his car and smashed into Walgreens' door. Bell told officers he decided to go inside and steal pills to pay off a $1,200 debt to his drug dealer.