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Energy-Efficient Upgrades for Fromberg Schools

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Fromberg School District 6 is the proud owner of a new, energy-efficient heating and ventilation system. One of the school's boilers failed about a year ago. Citizens of Fromberg approved a one-point-three million dollar bond for the project in May, and work began in June. The hot-water-based system is expected to pay for itself over time with lower energy costs. The project required extensive work. The pipe system was around 75 years old, and certain new pipes had to go through concrete walls.

The kids are already enjoying a better learning environment. Senior Miles Guenther says the temperature is more comfortable, and students don't have to worry about wearing a coat inside during colder days.  Senior Rye Kern adds that the boilers used to make a lot of noise, and the old pipes would sometimes leak. Now its easier to pay attention in class.

Ameresco, the company doing the work, came in on budget, freeing up the contingency money from the bond. The school was allowed to use that money on other energy-efficient projects, so the staff was able to upgrade the windows at the elementary school, which will make the school even more energy efficient.