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Scammers Posing as Northwestern Energy Reps

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Local business owners are being targeted by scammers who are posing as Northwestern Energy representatives.

They're being told their bill has become delinquent, and if they don't immediately make a payment, their services will be terminated within the hour.

Kresta Craig, owner of The Fireplace Center on Central Avenue, received a strange phone call this morning from an unknown number, telling her the same story.

"It truly sounded like someone who was trained to make phone calls, and collect bills. He was very polite, asked if I was able to make decisions for the business. He apologized if it was a busy time, but it was an important phone call. Very polite. Until the hang-up, I didn't really think anything was wrong," said Craig.

Luckily, Craig had her bank statements nearby, and explained to the caller when and how she had made her most recent payment. The caller immediately hung up on Craig without a word.

Northwestern Energy is aware of the scam.