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MLKJ Celebration Encourages Respect

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Hundreds came out to observe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The events Monday night encouraged respecting each other and reaching out to make a difference in the community.

Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley talked about the side of MLK, Jr., which he says many forget about. That he was a father, a preacher, and someone who overcame many challenges for civil rights.

"Right now, this is not an African American battle," Durley said. "This is an American challenge. What he was saying then is even being said right now. We've got to respect each other. We've got to understand each other. We've got to trust each other. We've got to communicate. We've got to compromise for the good of the overall country, for the good of different people."

The day also has a special meaning for participants. Jennee and Riley Edwards are biracial.

"In these days, I guess, it's just good that we can be with our mom and our dad and not have to worry about anything," Riley said.

But they say there's more to do.

"We can still make a difference," Jennee said. "I guess there's a handful of us here, but maybe this will also make more people come and support it."

"If we can begin to understand each other across so many barriers that are put up we might be able to make a difference," Durley said. "Not the next generation, but this generation."

Durley wants to overcome the political divisions in the country and hopes the message of unity gets to everyone in Billings.