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BMW Motorcyclists Plan to Bring $3 Million

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Billings Motorcycle enthusiasts start your engines. The Chamber of Commerce made a big announcement today.

If you're a motorcycle fan, this is big news because the city plans to bring in $3 to $4 million from this.

Billings Montana has been a staple for tourists who enjoy the outdoor life and now Chamber of Commerce CEO, John Brewer, says BMW Motorcycles of America picked Billings for their international rally in 2015.

"Oh, very excited. I mean our community should be excited about this, you know from the commerce side the chamber is excited," Brewer said.

The news was unveiled in a Skype call with the Executive Director of BMW Motorcyclists of America who was located in Missouri.

"And groups like this have enjoyed Billings because they feel like they're the big fish in the small pond," Brewer said.

Billings Tourism Business Improvement District, President Steve Wahrlich said this will be one of the largest tourism events that will economically help in 2015.

"I think the favorite part is, there's two parts. One is taking people that have no idea of what Billings is, and creating a wow," said Wahrlich.

Wahrlich expects people to come from New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.

"Ultimately, what's going to happen is the people go back to those country, and will say like, 'Wow you've got to go to Billings! They're all these things to see and do." So, the residual effect of having 6 or 7,000 people here is immense," said Wahrlich.

Part of the reason why they picked Billings is for the natural attractions and community.

"I mean there will be a lot of motorcycles in the city of Billings those 4 or 5 days. Yep, get ready to roar," said Wahrlich.

If you want to mark it on your 2015 calendar, the organization said it will be on July 23rd to July 25th.

They also said they plan to have a Live at 5 and Skypoint event in the community.