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DAV Drivers

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There are more than 200 volunteers driving for Disabled American Veterans, according to the organization.  DAV Montana released 2013 numbers Friday, and the groups says Montana ranked fourth nationally with over 51,000 volunteer driving hours, sixth in miles driven with over 807,000, and seventh nationally with over 17,000 veterans transported.

"We pretty much stop at every little town between here and Fort Harrison. If there's a need there, we'll stop and get them," says John Tiry with the Billings DAV office. Tiry says Billings has 32 volunteer drivers. About two thirds of them are veterans themselves, and six of the 32 are women.

Ron Jahner is one of those volunteer drivers. Jahner, who served in the army during Vietnam, appreciates the chance to help his fellow veterans. He also enjoys the opportunity it provides the vets to share stories.

"A lot of the guys are alone. They need somebody to talk to," says Jahner. "They get a chance to get out and meet somebody and start talking, and I'll sum it up at the end of the day and think, 'Gee, this guy was neat.' The conversations are probably the things that I enjoy the most."

Tiry is amazed by the hours the volunteer drivers are willing to put in, especially those who put in roughly eleven hour days driving to Fort Harrison.

"The dedication that these drivers show is just commendable," says Tiry.