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Judge to Decide on Motions at a Later Date

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Motions filed in the accused Billings serial rapist trial were heard in court Thursday.

Deputy County Attorney Rod Souza says there were testimonies from a victim and a detective and arguments from both sides. Judge Fagg has taken all motions under advisement.

Toby Griego is accused of raping five women this past summer and faces 40 charges. The Defense filed motions to change the trial venue, suppress evidence, and split up Griego's charges. Defense attorneys filed a motion to suppress Griego's past crimes in New Mexico and a voice recording identification. They also want to change the trial location because they say media coverage has inflamed prejudices in the community.

The State hasn't completed DNA testing of evidence to connect Griego to a sixth assault. The judge will make a decision on the motions at a later date.

Billings Police first announced there was a serial rapist in May, after they said they were searching for a man in connection to a series of sexual assaults and home invasions.

The first rape connected by Billings Police to Toby Griego was reported on January 27th. They then connected four other rapes to him committed through August 22nd.

After following a tip from Crimestoppers, Griego was arrested on August 23rd. He then appeared in court and pleaded not guilty on September 5th. After police connected Griego to a fifth rape, Griego now faces 40 charges, including attempted sexual intercourse without consent and aggravated kidnapping.

Jury selection is on April 3 and 4. His trial is set for April 7.