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AFP Launches Ads

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Americans for Prosperity held an event Wednesday night to launch TV ads in Montana, thanking Congressman Steve Daines for opposing the Affordable Care Act.

"We know that most folks in Montana oppose this law and so they are probably standing with Congressman Daines," said Tim Phillips, AFP president. "We really want to say thank you to him for consistently voting to repeal the law."

Phillips says the Affordable Care Act caused 5 million Americans to lose their health insurance and pay higher premiums.

"We want to make sure that we're explaining the real story of Obamacare. The high premiums, the lost insurance, and nothing beats television advertising candidly to be able to roll that message to the largest number of folks and the shortest amount of time."

But, some disagree and say Obamacare helps more people. Representative Margie Macdonald says more people can be covered and it's a time to be constructive.

"I know a lot of working families in Montana are going to be relying on this law for their basic health care," Macdonald said. "I'd rather see people roll up their sleeves and work on those fixes. I don't think the fundamental premises of the law are unworkable. I think as people begin to understand how many Montanans end up getting good health care they will appreciate the benefits of the law."

AFP has spent about $22 million on ads targeting Obamacare. It's spending nearly $400,000 to run the Montana commercials. The ads will run for the next three weeks.