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Music Therapy Heals the Soul

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Hospitals can be scary, and intimidating places for those who are patients, or even if you're just visiting, which is why one woman uses music therapy to bring joy to others.

There's an old saying, music can help heal the soul, but what about in a hospital?

University of Washington, Medical Student, Andrew Schweitzer said, "I mean a lot of people have different things they rely on for relief, and hard times, and I think music is one of them."

Billings Clinic, Piano Volunteer, Elna Mollgaard knows what it's like to be a patient in the hospital because she's a three-time cancer survivor.

"I've had people come up, and have someone up in the ICU unit, and they've been setting up there, and they can hear the music from there, and they'll tell me how it gets their mind off of it, and they enjoy it, and that makes you feel good," said Elna.

We all hit rough patches in our lives, and need an outlet, but playing the piano was hers.

"It gave me something to do to keep my mind off, you know, my problems, and helped me that way quite a lot," said Elna.

Patients will come up to her, and tell her that the music takes their mind off of the hardships.

"Everyone's having different types of days, so I think it's good to have some music here just to lighten the mood a little but sometimes," said Schweitzer.

"So, I'm very fortunate, and like I say I count my blessings for that," said Elna.

If you want to drop by and hear Elna play, she's there every Tuesday and Thursday in the hospital cafeteria from 12 to 1 PM.

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