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City Council Approves Zoning Requests

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Members of the city council talked about requests for liquor licenses and park lands zone changes Monday night.

The first was a special review of an all-beverage liquor license for a new restaurant, Umi, in West Park Plaza. The property line is within 600 feet of a church and a park. City council decided to approve the waiver of the 600-foot separation distance because the park and church either couldn't be seen from the restaurant or were separated by side streets. The approval did come with conditions like the new restaurant can't have outdoor seating and it cannot expand more than 10 percent without special review.

The second topic of discussion was a zone change, making Lampman Park, located along Monad Road and 31st Street, a residential zone.

"In all that time, there has been no attempts to actively develop it as a real park," said Bill Cole, chairperson of a parks department subcommittee.

The parks department said it took a poll, and the community responded that they didn't want an assessment added to develop a park. So the zoning commission, after meetings with the community, decided to recommend the park be changed into a residential area and be sold.

"If it is sold the city will have to make that decision," Cole said. "The recommendation of our subcommittee is that the city look for other uses in the immediate area where the Lampman Park is and use the funds to develop other park facilities close to that neighborhood."

City council approved the recommendation to change the zone into a residential one that would only have single-family homes.

Council members also approved applying for a two million dollar grant for the MET.