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Mentors Changing Lives

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National Mentoring Month is a campaign held each January to promote youth mentoring in the United States.

High school students are even showing their appreciation through Yellowstone County's Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Rylee Scammon is not your typical high school student. In fact, she drives to an elementary school two times a week to spend time mentoring her little.

"And that's probably the biggest thing for me is watching Kendra grow over the last year. It has been amazing for me to be able to watch, 'cause she has come so far from where she was last year," Scammon said.

For the past two years, Rylee's been pouring her wisdom and sharing her time with her little, Kendra. She said her life would be a disaster without Rylee's guidance.

"She's helped me with math from last year to this year. I've actually caught up in my math besides falling behind," Kendra said.

But, the road hasn't always been easy, even for a 4th grader.

"My older brother doesn't care that I'm there, he just thinks that he's the only kid. And then when I'm with Rylee, it feels like I actually have a person to talk to and everything, besides talking to my cat," Kendra said.

They talk about everything from family issues, to problems at school.

"She's helped me like a 100% of that I could go on to a thousand, a hundred-thousand," said Kendra.

Even though Rylee's getting hours for this at school, it's her unconditional heart that wants to see future generations succeed.

"You can become anybody. They can become anybody, and with a mentor like us, you can help them pursue their dreams and maybe change a life," said Scammon.

Yellowstone County Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for mentors to help. If you're interested please contact Emily Brown at 248-2229.