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Alternative Weight Loss Options

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Strides in health care have allowed specialists to re-invent the wheel when it comes to losing weight. As KULR-8's Kyle Benton reports, many different options are available right here at home.

"Life is just completely different from where I was a year ago," said Kim Sagen, who was sixty five pounds heavier last year, with no hope of ever living the healthy lifestyle she wanted.

"We have this road that we walk, and there's this hill on the end of it, and everyday I would climb this hill, and I thought I would stroke out and have a heart attack right there, and now I climb it, it's just a breeze," said Sagen.

It was all made possible for Kim with a carefully crafted weight loss program customized by Doctor Kathleen Baskett, Medical Director of Weight Management at Saint Vincent Healthcare.

"Use of medication. There are prescription medications that help with weight regulation and those are vary valid and useful tools," said Doctor Baskett.

Valid indeed. It was only in April of 2012 when Kim began the program, and now her and her dogs enjoy all the play time outside they can get.

"Once you get off the couch and start doing this stuff, you learn to just love it. It makes your day. It makes you happy," said Sagen.

Saint Vincent Healthcare will be holding a weight management seminar in the Mansfield Health Education Center on Wednesday, January 15th, from 5:30 to 7 PM. The seminar is free to attend.