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Billings Clinic Unveils New ICU

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Billings Clinic welcomed the public to view their new intensive care unit Saturday.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place this morning to recognize the new 24-bed facility. Hospital officials said the new rooms are twice the size of the current ICU rooms. Each has a private bathroom and a special area for family. The new unit features state-of-the-art technology. There are also new family waiting areas and a satellite pharmacy, which provides quick access to all needed medication.

"We want to be able to not only provide the best in care for our patients, but the same thing you'd get in a big center, whether you call it the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, whatever. This will help us do that." said Spike Pueringer, Medical Director for the ICU.

Organizers say current ICU patients will be moved to the new unit on Tuesday.