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Fourth Suspect Charged in Lockwood Homicide

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The son of a man arrested in connection to last week's murder of a Lockwood man appears in Justice Court.

Calvin Mack is charged with one felony count of obstructing justice by accountability.

Last Friday morning, Sheriffs responded to the murder of Allen Alderman in Lockwood. Court documents report Cody Mack, Katrina Edens, and Martin Pond returned to the house where Calvin Mack was located and left in Calvin Mack's car. In the report, Calvin Mack says his father told him to report the car stolen and to avoid talking to anyone.

In another, later statement, Mack said he went with his father, Edens, and Pond in the car to drop pond off at a Lockwood home. He says he heard shots fired while they were waiting and Pond came back to the car. Calvin Mack says they made Pond leave the car, but they met up with him again later.