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Beavers: The Only Animal You Won't See at the Zoo

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The winter weather can even affect the animals at the zoo.

ZooMontana employees said the only animals you won't see right now are the beavers.

Since the temperature is below 45 degrees, they keep the beavers in a special house, which is an isolated location, away from the public.

It has heated water, in which the animals can swim.

ZooMontana Executive Director, Jeff Ewelt said the beavers don't do well in the cold weather.

"Their tail is a naked tail, so it doesn't have fur on it. It's cold, [and can] frost bite pretty easily, same thing with webbing in their feet. They're not built as well as some of these other animals are when it comes to cold weather on their feet. So, what we do is we have a pool in there that they're actually able to get into, and then we do a lot of training with them. As well this time of year, just to keep them mentally stimulated because they're not outside doing what they normally do," said Ewelt.

Ewelt said zookeeper's will open the doors that allow the 50 lbs. beavers outside when the weather is above 45 degrees.