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Local Woman Wins Montana Millionaire

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It came as a complete surprise to one woman and her son. They won one of the big prizes in the Montana Millionaire lottery.

It was just another normal day for 70-year-old, Helen Wortham, until the unexpected happened.

"He called me, and he couldn't talk. 'Mom, mom, we won a hundred thousand dollars.' I said 'what?!' And I just couldn't talk either. I said, 'I got to call Tom,'" Wortham said.

It was a ticket that left her son speechless.

Her son, Sheldon Wortham said, "And I couldn't talk. I mean I kept trying to talk to her and was like 'a-la-la-la-i-i-i-i I think we won! I think we won!'"

Sheldon bought 23 Montana Millionaire tickets, and went in on it with his mom, and long-term friend Tom Rizzitello from Tennessee.

"He called me and he goes, 'I just had a felling. I got this funny feeling. You know I don't think we're going to win the million dollars,' but he goes, 'I got a real sneaky hunch that we're going to win a 100,000 dollars,'" said Sheldon.

But, Tom didn't believe it, until Sheldon sent him this photo.

"I called Tom, and he said, 'oh no way!' So, then he called Sheldon back and Sheldon is a real joker, and so he didn't believe him to start with," said Helen.

After taxes, they each walk away with $22,000.

"It's fun to dream. If you don't have a ticket you can't win, so you don't even get to dream," said Sheldon.

Helen said she plans on buying a new computer, and a vacation to Seattle to see her niece.

Sheldon said he plans on spending it on his truck, home, and bills.