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Billings Clinic New ICU Ready to Open

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Billings Clinic is putting the finishing touches on its new Intensive Care Unit, all to be revealed during the open house on Saturday.

Billings Clinic managers say Intensive Care Units are used to treat the sickest patients in the state. The new ICU can house 24 patients, when previously they could only house 18. It also integrates state of the art technology, like beds that allow for 360 degree patient care. ICU managers say the best part is bringing families into the patient's care. The rooms are two times larger and allow for one family member to stay overnight.

"In our old ICU, some of those limitations were still current and we didn't allow a lot of family in," said Michaela Harakal, the RN manager of the ICU. "We only allowed them in certain times. With this unit, we were able to incorporate family into the care. We will have an open visitation policy."

The house is this Saturday from 11:30 PM to 1 PM. The hospital will start using the new ICU January 14th.