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Cancer Statistics Show Decline

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According to the American Cancer Society, there is a steady decline in cancer-related fatalities in the last two decades.

The report finds progress has been most rapid for middle-aged black men, whom death rates dropped by 50 percent. Despite the substantial progress, black men continue to have the highest cancer incidence and death rates among all ethnicities in the US, which account for double those of Asian Americans, who have the lowest rate.

American Cancer Society representatives say the new statistics are encouraging.

"Everybody's out for the big fight against cancer and there's actually some light at the end of the tunnel, basically a little reward for all the hard work that everybody puts in to find an end to this terrible disease," said Janell LaBelle, ACS senior representative of community engagement.

Representatives also say more research has to be done. This year's report estimates about 5,800 new cases will be reported in Montana, in which nearly 2,000 of those will die from the disease.