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Murder Plot Revealed

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The second suspect, arrested in connection to the January 3rd murder in Lockwood, appeared in court.

Forty-two year-old Cody Julian Mack was charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. Both charges are felonies. According to the prosecutor, Cody Mack and his girlfriend drove Martin Pond to a home in Lockwood on Friday morning, where Pond allegedly shot and killed Allen Alderman. After the murder, Mack and his girlfriend drove Pond to a friend's home where they washed Pond's clothes, and gave Pond a minivan - owned by Mack's son. Mack allegedly told his son to report the van stolen and not to share information about the crime with law enforcement.

Mack was taken into custody on Monday, and he will make his next court appearance with co-defendant, Martin Pond, on January 17th. Cody Mack's public defender requested his bail be set at $10,000. But, the judge changed the amount to $20,000 which was due to Mack's violent history and seven bench warrants.