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Security Updates Ensure Student Safety in Billings

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BILLINGS - School District 2 is getting closer to new upgrades to keep your kids safe in elementary and middle schools.

Twenty-six schools total, a mixture of elementary and middle schools, will soon all have an electronic entrance camera and keypad installed outside the front doors.

"I think it will be great. We'll be able to control who comes in and who goes out," said Lynn Noland, secretary at Meadowlark Elementary School.

When a parent walks a child in, they have to first be seen on camera. Then when it is determined the adult does not look suspicious, a button is pressed that unlocks the doors.

"Safety has always been a very important thing for us. We've always said safe, warm and dry. And the safety of the students is really paramount for us," said Lew Anderson, SD2 Facilities Executive Director.

Anderson says about sixty percent of the schools are already completed and the ones with systems installed will be activated on January 13th.

"When a parent comes in to the front door, look for a sign, and if the doors are locked, obviously look for one of these boxes, and just push the button in the middle and they'll take care of you," said Anderson.

Last year, voters decided overcrowding was an issue in Billings middle schools and plans started being made to construct new ones.

A school district meeting is being held Tuesday night and the major key talking point will be trying to decide which middle school to begin building first.