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Veterans Ride for Free

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Disabled American veterans are now able to ride the Met Bus for free. Organizers said it's exciting to see the nearly three-year plan in motion.

The Disabled American Veterans program of Montana ranks fourth in the nation in volunteer hours for getting veterans where they need to be. To help with the cause, the Billings City Council agreed to allow disabled vets on the Met for free. "It feels great. It's something we're happy to do, and we don't look upon it as anything great. It's something we can give to the veteran and say thanks," Met Transit Manager, Ron Wenger said.

Ron Wenger said the Met extended routes to the VA Clinic in August of 2013. "It'd be a compliment to our route on the West End. It some small way it would be a way to say thanks for their extraordinary service and sacrifice for our country to hopefully help them out a little bit," Wenger said.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Saunders with the Disabled American Veterans said it gives veterans more choices to get where they need to be. "This is an excellent example of how veterans can work with government, policy makers, and decision makers as a team to reach a decision which is beneficial to the city and veterans themselves," Saunders said.

Lt. Colonel Saunders said Montana veterans face some of the harshest weather conditions in the nation with longer travel time. He said he's dedicated to bringing more resources to disabled vets who need to make their doctors' visits.

Organizers said veterans with the disability will have to show bus drivers their veteran ID card. Vets with the service-connected designation option on the card will ride for free.