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Former Congressman Considers House Race

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Montana's open house seat in the upcoming election is becoming hotly contested, especially among the Montana GOP.

With six Republican candidates fighting for the open Montana house seat, political pundits say back biting and an inclusive party war could possibly be avoided with an experienced candidate like Denny Rehberg, who made a somewhat shocking statement Thursday morning on the Voices of Montana talk radio show.

"I am seriously looking at that house seat again. I did have it for twelve years. It's not that I feel anything other than drawn back to public service. I like business, I like creating jobs, but at the same time, I can tell you where the problems are," said Rehberg while on the show.

In a somewhat inclement climate surrounding several political issues, Rehberg went on to say what he could bring to the table with his experience.

"But at the same time, I can tell you where the problems are in our tax policy, our spending policy, I think I can bring some experience. We've got to fix this."

Aside from his political ambitions, Rehberg's family has been heavily involved in everything from real estate to operating the Rehberg Ranch. But he also talked about his ownership of the brand new Burger King on Grand Avenue in Billings, and how his nephew Matt, played a crucial role.

"He said, 'You know, I think there is an opportunity for us to move into this. What do you think?' And I said, 'Well Matt, if you're willing to manage it, we'll set you up in business.' So we did that for him. He's a partner, and between Jan and he, they can probably keep things going just fine without me," said Rehberg.

From Helena to fast food and everything in between, only time will tell what the future holds for the former congressman.

Rehberg not only spent twelve years holding the congressional house seat, but has also served as Montana Lieutenant Governor and as a legislator.