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Incandescent Light Bulbs

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It was a life-changing invention, but its time is now growing dim. A new law that went into effect January 1st bans the manufacture and importation of incandescent light bulbs. The law is the next step toward embracing newer, more efficient technology.

"The biggest benefit to making the switch is power consumption. The new CFL's - compact fluorescent light bulbs - and LED's - both use considerably less power than the old incandescents," says Jeff Averill, manager of King's Ace Hardware.

While making the bulbs is no longer permitted, selling them is still legal. Averill says his store has been stocking up because some people still prefer the older bulbs.

"Certain people like the lighting qualities. They don't like the appearance of the CFL bulb that has the curly-qu type deal, so you do see people coming in just wanting incandescents, and that's one reason we're stocking up," says Averill.

But with no more in production stateside and no more being imported, when they're gone, they're gone. Bottom line - for those who really prefer incandescents - better stock up while they're still there.