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MT Starts Off New Year with Lowest Gas Price

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Montanans are starting off 2014 with the lowest average fuel prices in the country. The average gas price for Montana is about $3.01 on Wednesday.

A spokesperson with AAA says gas prices are expected to drop slightly in 2014, as refineries continue to expand their production capacity. The low prices are something Montanans say they are thankful for, especially since the holidays usually mean more travel.

"It takes less money out of my pocket," said Graham Magee. "It's easier to commute going to work, going to hang out with your friends and family and things like that. It's a lot easier to do things that you enjoy to do when you can actually get places."

"Praise the lord!" Polly Price responded. "My husband drives a long way. We live here in Billings, and he drives to Roundup, so the price it's great."

The national average is at $3.32. shows $2.89 currently is the best gas price at several locations in Billings.